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By: Mayor Robert Brady

May City Elections:
“The big thing is that we only had single individuals file for the three open positions on the city council,” said Brady. “The filing closed on Monday at 5 p.m. so there will not need to be an election in May.”
According to Brady, the city council will officially ‘cancel’ the election at its next meeting March 19. With the filings, Jared Johnson, a former council member, will become the new Denison mayor; Councilman Matt Hanley will retain his seat and Bill Malvern, another former council member, will replace Obie Greenleaf.
New Downtown Entertainment District:
“A new district was approved on Monday for downtown,” said Brady. “Sherman did the same thing. We both want people to come and do things downtown.”
Schuler Project:
“We are working on a developer’s agreement,” explained Brady, of the proposed 2,500 acre development. “We are close to getting the final Corps Environmental Impact Study. Once we have that, an appraisal will be done and then the transfer can happen.”
Per federal law, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers can only sale or convey property to a municipal entity such as the city of Denison. In this case, it is the shoreline adjacent to the 2,500 acres owned by Schuler.  The developer’s agreement will allow the city to sale it to developer George Schuler, of McKinney.
“We have to have a developer’s agreement in place first,” added Brady.
“George is serious about this,” continued Brady. “He’s been at it for 11-12 years; it’s going to happen.”
The ReOpening of the Rialto Theater:
“Greg and Garrett Guymon have big plans for the Rialto; they are doing a great job,” said Brady. “It will help downtown.”
“There is activity going on every weekend and sometimes during the week already,” he added. “It is a good success and people should take advantage of the entertainment downtown.”
Demolition Program:
“We got an infusion of $500,000 from the Denison Development Foundation,” explained Brady. “For our demo program.”
Brady noted that with the new money from that private organization that the city will be able to speed up a process that would have taken 15 years and effectively be done in about five years.
“This is a big deal for Denison,” he said. “It will improve our appearance tremendously.”
According to Brady, the incoming mayor, Jared Johnson, has the ‘same passion’ for the demo program and will continue it.
Disposition of the John Mansfield plant and J.W. Smith site:
“These are priorities for Denison,” said Brady. “But they won’t be finished before I leave office (in May).”
He noted that each property is in a ‘strategic location’ in Denison.
“They are wonderful sites for development,” he added.
The JM Plant is 30+ acres on US 75 next to the Red River. In the last six months, there has been a lot of interest in the property, according to Brady. The owner is now willing to consider a sale, he added.
Both properties have environmental issues. The JM Plant was built with asbestos and it will have to be abated; the JW Smith property is contaminated with creosote, a wood preserving substance. For the past 20 years the EPA has coordinated the clean-up at the site.
“We’re in the process of taking care of the environmental issues,” said Brady. “We want it to be right.”
Parks and Recreation:
Brady announced that the Denison softball program had recently changed allegiance from the Dixie League to a Texas league, which uses ASA rules that coincide with high school and college rules.
“We want our youth sports to be as competitive as possible,” said Brady. “We want our kids staying here.”
Among the ideas to improve the parks/rec program is a softball/soccer complex, which will have lighting and restroom facilities. He noted that the city is looking to private money to help build such a complex.
Robert Brady is completing his second three year term as mayor.Before laying out for the required one year, he was on the council for the allowed six years as a councilman.

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