Wilder's Whole World

By: Dwayne Wilder


People accuse me of living in the past, but I’m usually just visiting…………
All joking aside, I do think about the past some of the time, but it is to see how I thought or what was happening that I can apply to the here and now. After an incident last weekend, I have had a different type of ‘visiting’ the past. The incident? I fried bacon in a pan on the stove……….like I did 15 years ago before pre-cooked bacon, which can be heated in the microwave!
When that PC bacon was introduced, I was in hog heaven! I hated frying the bacon and getting hit with the grease and trying not to burn it so everyone would like it. And it takes so long………..so, when the new bacon came out, I vowed to never fry any again!
I’ve been able to keep that promise until last weekend when we got a free pound of bacon (the uncooked kind) with something else we bought at the grocery store. It was free so we took it, but then I realized I would have to ‘fry it up in a pan!’ No……………!
I got some grease burns from the ‘pops’ out of the skillet and I ‘burned’ it by cooking too long, so some like it while others didn’t, but I had to ‘fry’ instead of ‘microwave.’
It got me to thinking……what else has changed in regular everyday life in recent years that we take for granted now? I thought of a few more…..you knew I would!
This is probably going back to the 1980s. I can’t remember the last time I made a call with a landline phone that had a ‘hurricane’ cord! (Or any cord for that matter!) We now have cell phones, of course; but we have wireless landline phones for the most part.
I remember our 25 foot ‘hurricane’ phone cord for the main phone in the kitchen. You could stretch to the living room and a couple other rooms with that thing! It was the best we as a society could do for a ‘mobile’ phone in the mid-1980s.
Go ahead! Try to think the last time you made a call on one of those types of phones. Well, now, that’s too long……………!
When was the last time you used the terms “UHF” and “VHF?” Do any of you even remember those terms?! They are related to the television set. They correspond with the wave frequency that the signal uses to get to the ‘antenna.’ Of course, with cable and satellite, these terms are obsolete, but in the 1960s and early 1970s, we used them all the time. (The technology is still in the sets somewhere, but we don’t need to think about it!)
For the record, UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency; and VHF stand for Very High Frequency. The VHF stations were channels 2-11; and UHF was 12 and above.
How about this one?! I dare you to drive more than an hour on a highway trip without using the cruise control! I know I can’t. I’ve tried on occasion and it’s just so dang convenient that it’s part of my psyche now. Before the advent of the CC, the driver had to manually keep the car on the desired speed by keeping his/her foot on the pedal for the duration of the trip!
I know! I know! How did they survive?! It’s insane, isn’t it?! I believe cruise control is second only to fire as the greatest invention of mankind!!!
Here’s something you can thank “Star Trek” for! When was the last time you opened a door at the grocery store yourself? Right! Now, we have the ‘automatic’ opening of the door for us! Now, all stores don’t have this, but it’s such a part of our lives in so many places that it is natural for us to walk right into a door assuming it’s ‘automatic!’
Here are some more things that are changing in recent years. Did you know there is ‘dry’ shampoo now! No water needed! And along that same line: we use hand sanitizer instead of ‘soap and water’ to ‘wash’ our hands now! Interesting, huh?!
Change is so pervasive that we have artificial sweeteners in almost everything including drinks such as soft drinks i.e. no more ‘Dublin’ Dr. Pepper with real sugar!
Have you seen a new phone book lately? I didn’t think so! I haven’t either. I hear there are some, but eventually there won’t be any because you can look it up on your ‘smart’ phone! What about department store catalogues? I can remember going through the Sears and Penney’s catalogues when they came out especially the Christmas ‘Wishbook.’ No more………….!
My favorite example of technology taking away something is the time about four years ago when everyone was getting the field ready for the Opening Ceremonies for the Denison Little League. Everyone was busy and it was getting late, so someone out on the field asked what time it was.
Out of the eight or 10 men working everyone of them pulled their cell phone out of a pocket and checked! Not one looked at a ‘wristwatch!’ Remember those?!
With newer and newer technology, we change so much that another phenomenon is the lack of Eye Contact/human contact we have with each other. We even try to carry on conversations all the while looking at a screen to text messages to someone else! I’ve seen it; and it ain’t pretty!
Well, at least we still have our religion and faith. It is safe from technology taking over or anything else changing it! Right?! What’s that you say? Oh, no! You are right…………
We now have “Tebowing” instead of praying………….

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