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By: Dwayne Wilder


I am starting off this year lazily.
I took a break from interviewing/writing for the last week or so; and therefore, there is no feature for Mysherdenbuzz.com this week. I have been slowly building momentum and I will have one possibly for this weekend……………….or not.
Stay tuned!
I rarely have life changing events in my life. Yesterday, I had one; a completely unexpected one.
You don’t expect to come face-to-face with one of those people who stand on the corner of US 75 and US 82 and ask for money. I did; and not just one of them, but a couple……….with a dog!
It was dusk and I speculate that the couple had decided to call it a day because they were huddled against a convenience store outside wall. They had a blanket and the dog was between them. The woman was holding a sign which simply said ‘Hungry.’
As I walked by, I made eye contact with the woman. She said “Hello” in a normal voice (as opposed to a begging voice). I told her ‘Hi’ back………………..and kept walking to my car.
I have been known to give money to people like that couple, but for the most part, I don’t want to just give a hand-out especially to those who have made it almost a ‘job’ of panhandling on that corner. I have heard stories from other reporters that many of the ‘panhandlers’ are doing it just to get free money and not work for it. Some of those corner people have been known to fight for ‘their’ corner.
Perhaps I’m lumping them all together, but since I can’t know the person’s motivations, I don’t feel I can –in good conscious- give charity when in effect they may be ‘scamming’ me and others.
Yet, until yesterday, I hadn’t gotten such a good look at an example of them. It made me think and to appreciate what I have, even if at times—it seems like I am among the poorest in the land.
It also brought questions: What happened to bring the couple to that point in time? Is it something that could happen to me? Why can’t at least one of them get a job of some kind? And what were they doing with a dog?! Did they have it to garner additional sympathy? Did they think that someone would give money solely because they were animal lovers? How long was the couple in this predicament?
None of these questions have easy answers. And that is the crux of homelessness. Any number of things can allow it to happen to ‘good’ people as well as anyone else. And because our lives are intertwined with aspects of living, homelessness affects them all as well as those aspects affect homelessness. It can be a vicious circle quite quickly.
That man and that woman actually put a face on the problem for me. I now have more questions than I did before; and it will take some time for me to reassess what I believe about people in that apparent predicament.
I might be giving out more money more often in the future……………………………….
There were a couple of neat national news stories this week.
One had the reunion of a mother and daughter after 77 years. The mother had given up the child for adoption after she was raped. She never had any contact; and even after all these years wondered what happened to her little girl. It was an emotional reunion; and a ‘good’ story among all the bad news.
The second story was about three men who dove into icy waters to help two children trapped in a submerged car. They saved both kids who were strapped in seatbelts and couldn’t get out. The father had gotten out when the car hit the water. As one would expect, he was incredibly grateful for the men’s quick action. Another ‘good’ story!
As with any new year, there is the opportunity to introduce new things, such as the Mayors’ Blogs on Mysherdenbuzz.com!
These are the exclusive ruminations of the leaders of Sherman and Denison each month. They will discuss what is happening in their
Respective cities and what is to come as well. Look for the first one in mid-to late January. Listen to your fearless leaders!!!
I was so saddened by the story of the eighth grader shot and killed in Brownsville, Texas Wednesday morning. It is such a needless
Tragedy. I realize that the police must protect themselves, but even with the child raising the weapon, isn’t there a way to incapacitate
Him or her such as shooting in the leg or shoulder?
I’m not an expert or have ever been in such a situation. I just wonder when the ‘bad guy’ is an eighth grader, are there special policies
To avoid just what happened……………………all the boy had was a pellet gun……………………….I feel for everyone involved.

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