Wilder's Whole World: Hodgepodge of local notes

By: Dwayne Wilder

Wilder's Whole World ... Exclusively on mySherDenBuzz.com

By Dwayne Wilder

Wilder_World.jpgSometimes, you will find that I have many subjects to discuss but none of them are significant enough to warrant a column. Well, this is one of those times………..!

I call them ‘hodgepodge’ or ‘potpourri’ (in honor of Jeopardy!) columns. These are items I see around town or read on the Internet or watch on television that I think are interesting. You may agree or you may not, but I hope they are new to you, so your horizons can be broadened; like my waist.

Anyway, let’s get to it! First, I see an advertisement in the local paper about a recall. Okay, no big deal. You and I see those all the time. The stores devote entire walls of recalled item notices for you to look at your leisure. But…………I kept reading.

The recall is for “Hip Replacement!!!” I know this is serious but can you imagine! This is not a car seat or food item that can be returned easily. This is YOUR hip! You know, that thing that is inside each leg of your body?!!

And yes, I realize that many Americans have this done. The older you are, the more likely you are to fall and usually it is the hip that is broken. It is serious, but I never thought I’d see a recall of a ‘hip.’ I guess it could be funny as long as you are not one involved in the recall……!

Remind me never to walk anywhere or use my legs for any reason, okay? Thanks!!!


A minor announcement last week shows that there is now self-serve ‘Avgas’ at the North Texas Regional Airport. What’s so big about that, you ask? It means that pilots can come to our area for refueling without worrying about the place being opened. Just like when you need money at 1 a.m. but realize the bank is closed. Then, you remember that the bank has an ATM!!! Cool!

Well, it’s like that. And as more pilots learn of this, the more business the airport will do. Therefore (in theory), the more aviation people will hear of our little ‘gem’ in north Texas. And who knows, maybe, one of them will like it so much that he or she brings a business to our airport with new jobs and payroll.

It might be a stretch but every bit helps. The Lake Texoma Jet Center at NTRA has the new self-serve avgas pump. They are a great partner of the airport and as a fixed base operation (FBO), they are among the best in our region. And I include DFW in that, too!


Did you know that Sony has discontinued the “Walkman?” Yes, that wonderful portable music system that was compatible with cassette tapes. It recently celebrated 31 years of service to music lovers everywhere!

Remember the last time you used yours? Yeah, me, too. It was last week when I wanted to ‘rock out’ to the latest Queen tape. I may not be able to use mine much longer. Have you heard of these ‘compact discs?’ Yeah, they call them CDs for short. Hmmmm. I wonder if they will catch on?!

I’ve also read about computer files for music which means that you could have a VERY small device to store music on! Isn’t that cool?! I can’t wait for that to come out!

Until then, I’ll just take my Sony Walkman wherever I go, so I can always be with my music! Happy listening and Happy Trails to the Walkman!


I drive around a lot. I see people and notice things that maybe you don’t. One of those things is Cheddar’s Casual Café………………rather the parking lot of Cheddar’s!!! Think a minute. Have you ever seen that parking lot anything but full?!! I haven’t! It will be 2:37 p.m. (in the afternoon!) and it will look like they had just put up a sign “Free Drinks and Food.” I haven’t been there when they open, but I’ll bet there is a line!!!

Anyway, I did see something at Cheddar’s once that was unusual. I was driving through the parking lot and there was a hearse parked in it!!! Yes, a HEARSE! I was astounded. After I got over the shock, I began to think: “Is there a body in it?!” And if so, is the entire procession inside eating on their way to the cemetery?! The questions won’t stop!

It just proves my point about Cheddar’s being popular. Everyone’s dying to get in!!!


Before I leave you with your thoughts, I want to plug a couple of cool places around our twin cities. I usually won’t do this because I try to stay neutral, but occasionally I’ll step up to the plate (and eat like the rest of you!)

In Denison, there is a small Oriental restaurant named, “Hong Kong Express” on Morton. They are great! The couple is desperately trying to make it here in this economy and they deserve to based on their work ethic and caring attitude. Ask for the Sesame Chicken when you go!

And in Sherman, if you haven’t tried “Carol’s Red Apron,” you haven’t tried food! (Shouldn’t I be an ad man?! The show would be called “Mad Man.”) Anyway, the sandwiches are wonderful and the soups great. Carol makes a mean meatloaf among other family favorites and the price is always right! Go to Woods Street between Lamar and Houston streets and enjoy!


Finally, would someone please buy all the Justin Bieber posters at the Sherman Wal-mart?! I’m tired of looking at him when I walk by the poster rack! I was tired of him when he hit the music scene and now, I’m ready to go all ‘laser tag’ on him!!!

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