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Wilder's Whole World

By: Dwayne Wilder
There has been much said about this mid-term election, the one between presidential election where congressmen and some senators are forced out or retain their seats.
As is my American right and prerogative, I want to add my words and thoughts to the discussion…………………………….
I have heard that this mid term election is the most important one in U.S. history; and this may be true as it is lining up to be a referendum on President Donald Trump’s administration. It can be considered ‘the most important’ because Trump’s actions/words and policies are in counter to basic American tenets and why this country was founded.
Are we as a society changing what America is here in 2018? Are the founding fathers just a bunch of old men destined to be forgotten in the annals of our history? Are we moving away from Democracy and being a Republic? I personally hope not……………….
There is no disputing that Trump has said that America should have ‘a president for life’ like dictatorships across the world (i.e. North Korea) and that the Constitution ‘is more of a guideline’ instead of the law it is. (Quick civics lesson: the Constitution is what our country is based on.)
His plans such as canceling ‘birthright citizenship’ by executive order are simply not possible. (It is a law and an amendment of the Constitution; it can only be changed by Congress by rescinding the 14th Amendment.) His politicizing the military for ‘border patrol’ against caravans of women and children seeking valid asylum is so much electioneering, which is unbecoming of a president and simply a waste of resources that are not needed.
Trump has based his ideology on illegal immigration and has galvanized a segment of American society to his cause. Yes, the immigration system isn’t perfect. Yet, the irony is that our country was built (from the beginning centuries before 1776) on immigrants. Trump’s own family/children are prime examples of how it was done based on the policies in place; yet, he wants to change them. Where is the compassion in that? I can’t even find the ‘sense’ in that plan.
Trump has made this election about him even though he’s not on the ballot in any state. His ego drives much of his action; I make this statement by watching him and analyzing his actions the past four years or so. And therefore, we can’t have a ‘regular’ midterm election; no, we have to have the ‘most important one in our history.’ Sad!
During this election cycle, I am reminded of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. No, I’m not going to refer to his time on that celestial body; I’m going to mention who he was and use a quotation that has power in light of what we are doing this election. Armstrong was an intensely private person, but he was not without passion. He believed in what he and the staff of the space program were doing. Yet, being introspective, he saw the bigger picture. On appearing and speaking before Congress in the weeks after the Moon Landing, Armstrong referred to watching a trail only to take care of footing as being a sure way to lose sight of the beauty of nature and the world around you.
He ended his remarks by saying, “We carried on Apollo 11 two flags of this Union that had flown over the Capitol, one over the House of Representatives, one over the Senate. It is our privilege to return them now in these halls which exemplify man’s highest purpose—to serve one’s fellow man.”
Today, in 2018, we have to get back to this idea as Armstrong noted in 1969. The people in both chambers of Congress must believe in the sanctity of our Union and what is truly important—to work together, immigrants and all, to make us better for all of us always.
We can’t do that by disparaging people trying to live the ‘American Dream.’ We can’t do that by making fun of disabled people; we can’t do that by viewing women as objects and acting on those impulses; we can't do that by separating children from parents; we can’t do that by killing the ones we don’t understand.
We simply can’t do that……………………………
It is my prayer; it is my hope; it is my fervent desire that we come together and show what we want to be in this election. It is my true vision that we see each other as one another. It is my passion that we all vote…………vote…….......Vote…............for all of US.  

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