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Wilder's Movie Review

Wow! Dwayne is back with three new reviews and he likes all three movies! Is this a record or something?! He checks into a hotel, spells out some bad words and diverges; all in the same day!

Published by Dwayne Wilder

The Games of Texas

It's that time of year again! The State Games of Texas are taking place in College Station and the Denison Track Club is sending 11 athletes in 2014. It's another successful season for Denison!

Published by Dwayne Wilder

Market Forces

The 3,000 acre Preston Harbor development is still a long time away, but 'baby steps' are being taken to make the $2 billion project northwest of Denison a reality as the market dictates.

Published by Dwayne Wilder

Wilder's Whole World

Dwayne has a heartfelt entry this time around. There are times in life that require some thought; and the death of a household friend is one of those times. This is a great tribute to the unique Jinx!

Published by Dwayne Wilder Photo: wordpress.com

Real Property Action 33

After only a couple of weeks, Dwayne is back with REAL PROPERTY ACTION! Check out what is going on in the Sherman/Denison area; and go check out some of the places that are featured!!!

Published by Dwayne Wilder
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