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Wilder's Movie Review

It's been a while for Dwayne, but he's back with three new reviews of films from February. He likes one and feels 'so-so' about the other two! One of them he pans because of two words or is it one?!

Published by Dwayne Wilder

Athlete of the Year

Denison's own Jayden Hunt is just a freshman in high school, but has already made her mark in the world of athletics as she has been named the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation Athlete of the Year!

Published by Dwayne Wilder

Wilder's Movie Review

Wow! Another review from Dwayne?! This is getting to be a habit! But we aren't complaining, so here are three more reviews of recent films; all dramas. And he even likes a couple of them!!!

Published by Dwayne Wilder

Wilder's Whole World

Dwayne gets creative and catches up on a few stories from last fall. Just think of it as a column of the past! He checks Eisenhower's Birthday, some model ships and a ground-breaking. WoHoo!!!

Published by Dwayne Wilder Photo: Wordpress.com

Denison Coach's Blog -- March 2014

Coach Chad Rogers is back with his monthly off-season blogs for the Denison Yellow Jackets. He has some explanations and a surprise announcement about the fall season! Read On, Jacket fans!

Published by Coach Chad Rogers
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