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On the "Inside" Track

Louis Pollaro had an idea that intrigued Midway Mall officials, so you better listen for the whistle and the 'choo-choo' of the train that drives up and down the aisles of the mall on the weekends!

Published by Dwayne Wilder

Denison Coach's Blog Off Season 5

Coach Chad Rogers has opted not to have spring practice for the Yellow Jackets this year, but that doesn't mean they are sitting around doing nothing! The Jackets are hard at work this off-season!

Published by Coach Chad Rogers

Wilder's Movie Review

Wow! Dwayne's back with a new review of a current film! "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is at theaters now and WMR says 'Go see it, but don't believe the hype!" (What?! Has Dwayne's been gone too long!)

Published by Dwayne Wilder

The First of May--Downtown Denison!

There is a lot going on this first weekend in May in downtown Denison. So, go visit and check out "Bark and Paws," "Free Comic Book Day," "AuthorFest" and the opening of the Farmer's Market!!!

Published by Dwayne Wilder

First 'Draft'

With the NFL Draft coming this weekend, there is one Texoma athlete anxiously awaiting his name to be called. The former Denison Yellow Jacket has spent the past two years working for this 'Day!'

Published by Dwayne Wilder
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