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Denison Coach's Blog Off Season 2

Coach Chad Rogers discusses the off season program for the winter months and let's everyone know where Jacket sports are right now. Also, the Jackets won a recent powerlifting meet! Yea!!!

Published by Coach Chad Rogers

Wilder's Movie Review

Dwayne has been busy at the movies lately! He is back with two more reviews of current films: American Sniper and The Imitation Game. He recommends both these unique and great films!  

Published by Dwayne Wilder

The New Teardown

During the past year, the city of Sherman has been trying out its new substandard structures policies. The result has been some long needed clean up in major places around the city!

Published by Dwayne Wilder

Wilder's Whole World

Here it is! Dwayne's annual Top 10 movies for the year!!! You'll hear some 'Bad Words' and be 'Unbroken' and go through someone's 'Boyhood' on this journey! Check out his choices for 2014!!!

Published by Dwayne Wilder Photo: Wordpress.org

From Panhandle to Denison

Two of the newest Denison city officials have completed their first year on the job with the city. Both Courtney Goodman-Morris and William Myers, from out west, are happy to be here in Denison!!!

Published by Dwayne Wilder
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