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Real Property Action 38

This is where we look at the new places opening in Sherman and Denison! We can't list them all, but we do our best! Right now, Sherman and Denison are on the move! Get out and support them!

Published by Dwayne Wilder

'Check' It Out!

The local Chargers Chess Club is playing host to the Region III Chess Championships this weekend! See how the club formed and what it is doing as it brings the chess world to Texoma!

Published by Dwayne Wilder

Denison Coach's Blog Off Season 2

The Denison Yellowjackets are hard at it during the off season getting ready for the 2016 campaign. Coach Chad Rogers offers the plan and some thoughts on UIL realignment next week.

Published by Coach Chad Rogers

Teen 'Trials'

Denisonite Lindsay Looney is your typical high school freshman; she goes to class, she does homework, she swims in national and Olympic meets.....................Wait! What?!

Published by Dwayne Wilder

Wilder's Whole World

It's that time of year again! The Top 10 Movies of 2015! And I am taking it to the limit! See if you agree with my selections. See what makes the list and doesn't. It's my 'Whole World' at its best!

Published by Dwayne Wilder
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Palio's of Sherman--Premium

What do you think will happen with all the police issues in America?

It will get worse with more officer deaths
It will get better as more people see service over brutality
A peaceful national dialogue will begin
Nothing; the vast majority doesn't care

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