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1. What is mySherDenBuzz.com?
mySherDenBuzz.com is a website created with the sole focus of the Sherman-Denison community in mind. Our goal is to share information about our community and for visitors to discuss anything and everything involving Sherman-Denison and surrounding parts.

2. What does it cost?
mySherDenBuzz.com is completely supported by our site sponsors. The viewing of our website and participation in our forums for non-commercial uses is completely free. Sign up for your free account today!

3. How do I create a user account with mySherDenBuzz.com?
It’s simple. Just click HERE or on the link in the top right corner of the website, entitled “Account Registration.” It’s quick and easy, so sign up and become a part of your local community online TODAY!

4. Do I need to create an account to use mySherDenBuzz.com?
No. You may view all of the content on mySherDenBuzz.com without creating an account. The primary benefit to creating an account is the ability to post in our forums.

5. Are the mySherDenBuzz.com forums moderated?
Yes. A volunteer moderating panel, as well as mySherDenBuzz.com staff, will edit or remove posts that are in violation of our posting rules. Due to the volume of posts received on the site and the real-time nature of our forums, you may still come across posts that violate our rules. Please notify us of such posts by using the voting functions or by emailing us at Gabe@mySherDenBuzz.com.

6. How can mySherDenBuzz.com help my business?
By advertising on mySherDenBuzz.com, you have the unique ability to communicate directly with your target audience. Nearly everyone that visits our site is local to the Sherman-Denison area and they have a strong interest in supporting local business and helping the local economy. With your sponsorship on our website, you get so much more than just a static web ... you receive the freedom to post inside our message boards, promoting your business. The most successful ad campaigns on our website are those who take advantage of the opportunity to promote your company on the forums. We would love to answer any questions you may have in regard to pursuing a sponsorship opportunity with mySherDenBuzz.com. Feel free to e-mail Gabe or Scott and we'll be quick to respond.

7. How can I contact mySherDenBuzz.com?
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3709 Springfield Drive
College Station, Texas 77845