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The mission of is to develop and manage a website devoted to meeting the information and online community needs of the people living in and around Sherman-Denison. Our website is designed to provide a “one-stop shop” on the Internet, which allows residents to quickly and easily get information on all aspects of the Sher-Den community, ranging from local weather, sports and politics to the best restaurants and entertainment venues in the area. Most of this information can be talked about inside the "forums" section. Visitors can post their thoughts on topics of their choice inside any of our message boards and the hope is that local residents of the Sherman-Denison community will make the place they go for online discussion about local topics.

Our website is also designed to produce exclusive localized features that cannot be found anywhere else on the web, and to provide quick links to all other local stories being produced by the local media. Our hope is that residents of Sherman and Denison will make their one-stop resting place on the Internet and will use “The Buzz” to grow in their love for Texoma. We feel that mySherDenBuzz will provide a unique and fun corner of the web that the people of Sherman-Denison will invest in and enjoy for many years!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments regarding the website:

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Gabe Bock - President

Scott McDonald - Vice President